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RADCL. Software to Research and Decide Collaborativelly.

RADCL Software is an innovative research software for gathering information, analyzing and sharing it. It is simple, secure, and transformative, improving research effectiveness and outcomes.

RADCL is software designed by researchers to make research easier for anyone, whether a novice or veteran. RADCL is designed from the ground up to make research collaborative, and therefore far more effective and efficient than conventional methods or tools.

We know that implementing a new process and software like RADCL can be scary, so we are here to help you. With your subscription, we will provide personal training from real people to make certain that you get started quickly, understand how to take advantage of advanced features, and can integrate RADCL into your current business process.

RADCL is used by market researchers and consultants, and by companies do their own research. So it comes in two versions:

RADCL Connect
RADCL Enterprise
Connect is RADCL software for the consultants and researchers. Enterprise is RADCL software for the global business.
Which version is right for you?

Are you interested in learning more about the RADCL process in general? Sign up for the next RADCL Webex here.